Honor Violence Islam in Austria

Honor murder in in Vienna: Afghan stabs little sister to death, “good that she’s dead”…….

Gates of Vienna:

Vienna: “Good that she’s dead” — Afghan stabs his little sister in Sharia Killing

by Egri Nök

Vienna: A teenager only 14 years old was stabbed to death this morning on her way to school by her own brother in an act of Sharia justice.

Two original translations:

1. Kronen Zeitung, Austria:

Confessed Honor Killing: “Good that she’s dead”

Chilling Statement

September 18, 2017


No trace of regret at the first interrogation of the 18-year-old who stabbed his 14-year-old sister to death early Monday morning. On the contrary:


The Afghan seems proud of the honor killing of his family member. “It is good that she is dead,” were his first words after the confession to police.


The perpetrator, who is only 18 years old, turned himself in to the police the before noon this same day. In his opinion, it was “good” that his sister is dead now. “She stained our family’s honor,” was his first reason for the deed. The young Afghan does not seem to care at all that a prison sentence awaits him now.


Victim sought help in a crisis accommodation


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