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Amsterdam: Syrian LGBT refugees assaulted by “Turkish or Moroccan man”. Security laughs and bans victims from store…….


Dutch newspaper Het Parool broke the story on 12 September, about Tarek, a 24-year-old Syrian refugee, who has been living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for a year. He thought he was in for a treat, when he and four of his friends went out shopping on Thursday. Zara is the group’s favourite store and they used to come there regularly. Used to, because when they were in the shop on Thursday, a man began harassing them near the registers on the first floor. According to Tarek, the man, whom he thinks to be in his mid-twenties and of Turkish or Moroccan descent, started to threaten the five friends when he heard them talk to each other lovingly in Arabic.


“We were bad Muslims, we deserved to die because we are homosexual and transgender. He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar!’ through the store a couple of times.“


E., 42-years-old and to scared to have his name in the papers, was hit in the face hard. Two security guards noticed the row and started to direct everyone downstairs, out of the shop. There, the man noticed one of the trans-women in the group and aimed his anger at her, ripping the dress from her shoulder in an attempt to attack her. E. says:


“He shouted she was a ‘kafir‘, an unbeliever who must be killed.“


What made the situation worse, is that the security guards were not inclined to help them. According to Tarek:


“They did nothing to protect us and laughed at us. The man tried attacking us multiple times, spat in our faces, shouted that he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and that he was going to kill us. And nobody did anything.“


Not long afterwards, the friends were asked to leave and banned for a year, being threatened with a charge of disturbing the public peace if they were to enter the store again.


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  1. Lgbt community wants to import as many illegal immigrant aliens as possible.
    One of the refuges just love them back ..

  2. Didn’t they know that the West and the Western leftists in particular have sold them down the river in favour of the muzztard savages? Tsk tsk.
    Only muslim rights and feelings matter in Europe now.

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