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Twice this week: Popular Dutch conservative politician Thierry Baudet’s home vandalised with paint, vomit and faeces…….


Thierry Baudet (34) is a Dutch politician who was the only one to successfully launch a new party on the right side of the political spectrum – The Forum for Democracy – by winning two parliamentary seats during the March 2017 elections. Since the election, Baudet’s party has grown to eight seats in the polls.


In the morning of 7 September, Baudet found out that a “mixture of vomit and faeces” had been stuffed through his mailbox and that his front door and porch were vandalised with paint. That same morning, the action was claimed by the self-proclaimed “Radical Anarchist Feminist Action Front“, whose logo was painted on Baudet’s front door.


In their justification, the group wrote:


“Baudet and consorts disguise their racism, sexism and nationalism in pseudo-intellectual pontification. In this way, they cloack their frustration over the fact that their centuries long position of power is increasingly fading because non-males and non-whites are becoming increasingly vocal.”



In the wake of this incident, Baudet elected to steer clear of the press and not make a fuzz. A mere four days later, on 11 September, reports emerged that Baudet’s home had again been the victim of a similar attack. Media reported that:


“The front door of Member of Parliament Thierry Baudet’s home has been smeared, police confirm. The police are still investigating what kind of substance has been smeared on the door. De Telegraaf speaks of a stinking substance. A fluid has also supposedly been spread through the caveat underneath his door.”


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