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Paris – Antisemitic gang robs Jewish family: “You are Jewish, you have money. We must take from the rich” …….


The BBC reported on 11 September that in the North-Eastern suburb of Paris Livry-Gargan a Jewish community leader and his family became the victims of:


“what is seen as an anti-Semitic attack.“


The attack took place on Thursday night, when three men, two of whom were wearing masks, broke into the Pinto residence. The attackers beat Pinto’s son and wife. According to the family members, one of the attackers said:


“You Jews have money.“


The Pinto’s have told the police that their attackers, said to be dark skinned men in their 20’s or 30’s, took credit cards and jewellery and interrogated them for hours, trying to get them to reveal additional items to steal, threatening to kill them. It was only on Friday morning, several hours later, that Pinto managed to discretely contact police, causing the intruders to flee.


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