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Netherlands: Muslim official in charge of deradicalization of Muslim youth dismissed for bad practices, media hides her identity…….

What is this, a burka in the reverse?

While dozens of young people traveled from Amsterdam to the caliphate of IS, the woman appointed by the municipality to prevent that was especially busy fighting radicalization with training and courses. To allow young people  to speak about it in public debate’. Saadia A. -T. used her own friends for these meetings. It costs her now her job, and she may still get a punishment.

Senior Amsterdam Official in Charge of Radicalization-prevention dismissed


The program-manager at the Amsterdam municipality in charge of prevention of radicalization among youngsters has been fired. She had given various assignments on behalf of the municipality to her friends.


She is also accused of changing the terms of proposals submitted. She is furthermore reproached of not having adequately intervened concerning youngsters of whom it was known that they were attracted to the jihad. A criminal investigation is still under way.



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