Islamic Child Abuse ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Islamic State’s #White Beard indoctrinates young children to blow up for allah…….

#White Beard is not just any old child abuser indocitrination Islamonazi, he’s the sharia guy who reads execution warrants right before they hack off heads/ or stone people.

Preparing to kill: After the charges are read out, the familiar white-bearded face of ISIS' elderly Mosul-based executioner-in-chief Abu Ansar al-Ansari (centre) orders their stoning to death

Elderly jihadi teaches young orphans to be suicide bombers in horrifying new ISIS video

  • Islamic State’s stream of sick videos has dried up in recent weeks amid fighting
  • But a new clip emerged showing old men seemingly grooming boys for terror
  • It shows youngsters as young as three or four being trained as suicide bombers
  • Boys are seen wearing suicide vests, firing guns and chanting Islamic slogans 

Elderly jihadis are teaching young orphans to be suicide bombers according to a horrifying new video released by the terror group.


Islamic State’s stream of sick videos has dried up in recent weeks as the beleaguered militants desperately try to cling onto pockets of power in and Syria.


But while the fighters continue to lose ground in cities such as Mosul and Raqqa, once strongholds for the group, a clip has emerged showing an old man grooming impressionable youngsters.


The 13-minute long video starts with two old men preaching with a child between them as they sit in the desert.


A haunting section of the clip shows children wrapping suicide vests around themselves before chanting with one of the elderly jihadis.


The trainer is then seen sat in a circle with a boy as young as three or four in front of him as he talks to the boys.


He then drives them to a market place to get fitted for loose clothing which could conceal a suicide vest and on the way there in the truck – modified for suicide bombing – the boys and the old man chant back and forth.


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