Islam in Germany MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

The Rebel: German police tell women not to jog alone after Muslim settler rapes 50 y/o woman…….

More wonderfulness flowing from the cultural enrichment that the elites has foisted upon society…

German police tell women not to run alone after migrant rapes 50-year-old jogger

Police in Leipzig are warning women not to run alone after a migrant raped a 50-year-old jogger in one of the city’s parks.


As InfoWars reports, the culprit was described as a “southerner”, which is politically correct term used in Germany to mean Muslim or Arab. Think of it like using the word “Asian” to describe Muslim rape gangs in England.

During the assault, the rapist punched the woman so hard in the face she had to undergo surgery.

The response by police caused an uproar, as they encouraged women not to run alone. “It would be better if women jogged in pairs, or at the least that they make sure that there is always someone else around.”


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