Finland: 55 Muslim settlers leave for Sweden, have had enough of the Finns……..

Now, if we can only get the rest who traveled from Sweden to Finland over the past two years to make the return trip (all the way back to where they came from), I would be eternally grateful.

This will upset our Swedish friends…but I have to say that I’m glad they’re leaving

Police in Tornio’s protest: 55 people moved to Sweden


A total of 55 people attending Tornio have moved to Sweden, according to the Lapland Police Department on Twitter. It has been informed by the Swedish police.


At Tornio, eleven years ago, the asylum seekers’ protest was directed against Finland’s asylum policy. In the media, information was provided in advance of the search for asylum seekers in Sweden. The Swedish police have been in contact with border crossings, police reported on Twitter.


The police said earlier today that at the beginning of the protest participated some fifty people, some of whom had suitcases. In addition, there were a dozen protest respondents and a total of a few hundred people in total, said Henna Kelloniemi, STT, Communications Manager at the Lapland Police Department .


Kelloniemi told STT in the morning that the protest was calm. According to Kelloniemi, the participants in the protest, as well as the protesters, have signs and tags. Both parties have also expressed their views by shouting but not aggressive. The treatment of asylum seekers once again came up yesterday when the police used troopers and pepper spray during the expulsion of an Afghan family in Jyväskylä. According to Kelloniemi, the events of the Salmiranna reception center did not affect how the police prepared for Tornio’s protest. – It did not really change the plans in any way. Discussion was naturally caused by it (Jyväskylä events), says Kelloniemi.

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    1. You’re absolutely correct, Frank Gaffney of the CSP has been warning about this for years. An EMP is an ever greater threat than just a city being targeted, and easily defended against if the proper measures are put in place.

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