Finland Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Swedish media insists another suspect is being sought in Finland’s Turku jihad attack, a very dangerous 23 y/o Finn…….

Either a convert to Islam or a Muslim whose parents came to Finland years ago in the 90’s.

Expressen: Search for Turku attacker is a “very dangerous” 23-year-old Finnish citizen

The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation does not comment on the Swedish newspaper’s information.
Swedish Aftonbladet reported Thursday from their own sources, claiming that a 23-year-old man is suspected of participating in the Turku attack.

There are currently two men in custody in Turku, including Abderrahman Bouanane , 22, and suspect Monsif Bakir , 21.

In addition to them another suspect is being sought by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (KRP). KRP has so far not disclosed personal information about the search warrant.

According to Aftonbladet, he is a 23-year-old Finnish citizen. Sources of the paper describe him as “extremely dangerous”.

According to the paper, the Swedish authorities have informed of the man. Several people in the suspect’s inner circle have applied for asylum in Sweden before they settled in Finland, Aftonbladet writes. Information on the suspect can not be found in the Swedish Immigration Service however.

The KRP is still silent on the search warrant. Investigation Director , Criminal Commissioner Olli Töyräs announced that he did not comment or confirm any of the Aftonbladet data.



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