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Germany: Merkel warns asylum seekers NOT to go on vacation in home countries…….

She should be advising them the exact opposite.


If you even think that you have to bring up such a subject, tells us all that the basic premise for your asylum policies has the consistency of helium. We are living in an age of extremist mediocrity and tomfoolery on a massive worldwide scale. Here in Finland, Somali ‘refugees’ have been doing excactly this for decades and with no threat of being refused reentry into the country.


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Angela Merkel tells asylum seekers not to take holidays in their country of origin

Harsher measures should be taken against asylum seekers if they take a holiday in their country of origin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview, in which she also said she had no regrets over her open-door refugee policy.


“Taking holidays in the country in which you are being persecuted is not on,” she said in an interview with Welt am Sonntag, adding that it could be a reason to re-examine an asylum case.


While there is no official data on asylum seekers returning to their home countries on “holiday”, the issue has been the focus of media reports in Germany.


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