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Italy: It’s forbidden to state that suspects are foreigners…….

When will the madness ever stop..?

H/T:  Vlad Tepes, translation, by Gary Fousequak 

It is forbidden to say that the sought after are foreigners

Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, the politically correctness softens the blow.

Alessandro Sallusti -Mon, 28/08/2017 – 15:32


Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, the political-correctness softens the blow. Rape is an infamous crime, regardless of who commits it.


But the point is: why not say who, or rather who is being sought as the alleged persons responsible, as what is happening in the case of the girl raped on the beach of Rimini? Readers of most of yesterday’s daily newspapers and news broadcasts, which have also reserved a lot of room for the matter, do not know or have the slightest idea, reading through the lines, that the police are hunting for three Maghreb (Northern African) immigrants.


Will they be the ones found guilty? We do not know, but the news is that investigators are looking for them. So why not say it, why not give public opinion the identity of the possible killer, as in all cases of black chronicle since the (beginning) of time?


We are confident that if the raped girl and her wounded partner reported being attacked instead of by dark-skinned people, by (ethnic) Italians, there would not have been all these precautions and silence. And the titles would have been more or less: “A gang of blondes rape a young tourist.”


Again, today no one knows the truth, but investigators know well who they are looking for, journalists know the track beaten by investigators, newspaper directors know well what journalists know. Everyone knows, but no one dare say and write clearly. We are so concerned that immigrants, compared to us Italians, are not only protected by the system when they occupy a home but also when they are suspected of raping a girl.


It is the damn virus with which the Boldrinis and Savianos have infected the country, a reverse racism even protected by the Order of Journalists who investigates and punishes those who dare to vaccinate themselves, that is to call things by their own name.

I recently was under investigation for an article: “They try to kidnap a child, the police clean out a Roma (Gypsy) camp”, which faithfully reported the facts. I claim the freedom to inform you that the police, for the facts of Rimini, are looking for three immigrants, which means nothing more and nothing less than what is happening in these hours.


We will not be politically correct but professional, yes. And that’s enough for us.


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