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Friatider: Swedish church wants to be a law all onto itself, wants ‘safe place’ for illegal Muslim settlers…….

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Swedish Church: The Church should be a “protected place” for illegal immigrants

Published August 28, 2017 at 12.17


INTERIOR. The police are defending the crackdown against a family camp for illegal immigrants held in southern Sweden by Swedish Church last Friday. But Swedish Church does not agree with where you want to place themselves above the law and believe that the Church’s premises should be a “protected site” for illegal immigrants.

It was at a family camp for illegal immigrants, as the media constantly calls “undocumented”, organized by the Swedish Church in Northern Skåne last Friday that police struck with an extensive RAID.


Ten police cars and 30 policemen with dogs arrived on the scene and took charge of five out of six families, which is then sent to the judicial Centre in Malmö.


On Sunday defended the police action.


Ewa-Gun Westford, press spokesperson for the police in Skane, explains to Echo that it was a normal service operation where the requested person, and found, people who no longer have the right to stay in the country.


But the Swedish Church is very critical.


Which considers itself to be above the law and that the Church should be a safe place for illegal immigrants, no matter what the law says.


– They have formally correct. But we affirm that the Church must be a peaceful place for all people, and especially people who for some reason is on the run, says Malmo priest Per Kristiansson who was responsible for the camp to the echo even though the person has no grounds for asylum.


According to Ewa-Gun Westford, it is not a sustainable argument. It is the law in force, and according to it, there are no free zones anywhere, except at the embassies.


She also explains that the police had been searching for these people a long time, but the Swedish Church have denied that they “hid” them.


More here in Swedish.

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