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Post-terror attack Finland: New poll says majority of Finns are for tightening immigration laws…….

The Finnish government has consistently downplayed the threat of Islamic terrorism as well as playing the game with semantics in how the label the threat doctrine being waged against us.

Having been thoroughly infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian regime operatives, government and law officials placate Islamic (both Sunni &Shiite) sharia norms and values. It’s incredibly difficult to counter Islamic gains in your society while being hamstrung with political correct dogma.

IL-Poll: Most Finns now want tougher immigration policy – a clear change to previous policies


According to a survey conducted by Iltalehti, Finns’ attitudes to the threat of terrorism have steadily and quickly escalated after the Turku stabbing.


Every other Finn says he/SHE is now worried about his/her own and the safety of close friends as a result of the bloody Friday.


A big majority needs decision-makers to tighten policies and stronger tactics to fight terrorism.


The vast majority of respondents surveyed by Iltalehti Taloustutkimus Oy, 58 per cent, want tougher refugee and immigration policies.


The proportion of people thinking like this has risen sharply since last April, when according to a study commissioned by YLE, only 40 percent favored a tough policy


For example, in Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s polls this week, hard-core measures were defined, for example, to increase the authorities’ powers and toughen immigration policy.


Similarly, the proportion in favor of soft policies has fallen sharply. When 50 per cent of respondents favored softer last spring, now their share had collapsed to 33 per cent.


For example, a soft policy questionnaire was called Integration and Development Aid.


Batons and police


What are the Finns then ready to swallow?


The appalling majority of Finns are ready to accept new restrictions on freedom: millions of voters want to give more power to the authorities.


By far the vast majority of respondents in the survey, about eight out of ten Finns, for example, think that those who have received a negative asylum decision must be isolated from the rest of society and have to be removed more quickly from the country.


About 80% also believe that the number of police officers needs to be increased and that Parliament has to quickly adopt a new intelligence law. If, therefore, the people were to decide, the intelligence authorities would immediately have new powers and the constitution would change in one turn.


Confidence wavers 


Some Finns are irritated by the government. Every other respondent believes that the government had created a sense of insecurity and have downplayed the risk of terrorist attacks.


The attack has also shaken the confidence of Finns in how Finland is all prepared for the threat of terrorism.


A year ago, in the autumn of 2016, a survey by the Defense Advisory Planning Board found that 59 per cent of Finns believed that Finland was prepared enough or very well for the threat of terrorism.


The proportion of people thinking so has fallen this week from 51 percent. 44% say now that Finland is prepared for a bad threat.


More here (in Finnish) @ IL

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