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Italian government ministers accuse EU of turning its back on them as Muslim settler crisis unravels…….

Well, it’s the EU that’s opened the floodgates to these people…

Libya: ‘Terrorist Elements’ Among Arrivals as Italy Warns Mass Migration ‘Unravelling’ Europe


Ministers in Italy have accused the EU of turning its back on them as the migrant crisis threatens to unravel “the social and democratic fabric” of the country — and Libyan leaders are warning of terrorists amongst those making the journey.


Asked if he felt Brussels had abandoned Italy to the crisis — triggered by the military intervention in Libya led by former U.S. President Barack Obama and former UK prime minister David Cameron, and exacerbated by Germany’s Angela Merkel extending an open invitation to Europe unilaterally — Italian foreign minister Angelino Alfano said his answer was: “A very clear yes.”


Interior Minister Marco Minniti added that, “Ungoverned migrant flows are threatening the social and democratic fabric of Italy,” according to The Times.


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  1. European union has to put an end to this now before any more people get murdered by terrorist who keep coming in

  2. No shiet Sherlock it took 3 years ????? To figure it out what an open border will do

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