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Finns party candidate for president: For two years I called for closing of borders. I’m certainly not going to be silent now…….

She’s the only presidential candidate, and her party (The Finns) speaking common sense…

MP: Asylum seekers should be turned around by any means

MP Laura Huhtasaari (in.) Calls for the introduction of harsh measures to prevent the arrival of asylum seekers. Huhtasaari believes that Finland must break its international commitments if necessary.

Finns Party Laura Huhtasaari calls for the stopping of asylum seekers arriving to Finland. In practice, she wants immediate return of border checks and returning of asylum seekers coming via Sweden.

– By any means, the asylum seekers must be returned. There’s no end to those coming and this can continue even for 50 years. Hundreds of millions want to go to Europe, Huhtasaari says.

“Agreements may be broken”

In Huhtasaari’s view, Finland can leave its current contractual obligations without observing it.

– If the agreements were followed in other EU countries, we would not have the current number of asylum seekers. Therefore, we do not have to comply with all agreements. We have a Czarist-period mentality in Finland in respect of compliance with laws and agreements. There’s no need to bow down to the EU, Huhtasaari criticizes.

“Finland’s reputation does not suffer”

Huhtasaari feels that Finland’s reputation will not suffer even if the agreements are not respected. She estimates that Finland’s reputation will be more damaged if the economic situation does not improve.

– International investors do not look at how many asylum seekers Finland has taken.

Huhtasaari also says that he is very disappointed with Interior Minister Petteri Orpoon (cf.) and considers it a mistake that the True Finns did not receive the seat of the Interior Minister.

– [Jussi] Halla-aho [interior minister] would have had Finland’s best interests, Huhtasaari says.

On Tuesday, the Interior Ministry reported that the accommodation facilities of asylum seekers are running out. The Ministry is considering the introduction of tent accommodation. This year, more than 27,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Finland.


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