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And now Finns hold a moment of silence…….


Finland commemorates Turku victims, police re-enact attack

Shortly before a national minute of silence, police in Turku staged a reconstruction as part of their investigation into Friday’s attack.


Finland observed a national minute of silence at 10 am Sunday, honouring the victims of Friday’s fatal knife attacks in Turku. Two people were killed and eight others wounded.


Shortly before the moment of silence, police in the south-western Finnish city staged a reconstruction of Friday’s events as part of the investigation.


Traffic in the vicinity was briefly interrupted during the re-enactment.


The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), which is leading the probe, earlier issued a notification of the event over social media, saying: “In the context of criminal investigation, #poliisi will reconstruct the Turku stabbings at the crime scene in the morning of 20 Aug 2017. There will be a lot of police officers and other staff present in Turku. No need to worry.” It added that the local Southwestern Finland Police Department “will release more info later on.”


Police to interrogate suspect on Sunday


The reconstruction was carried out around the central Market Square and Puutori square, including the streets of Kauppiaskatu and Maariankatu. It lasted about 45 minutes.


The NBI says that it is hard at work on unravelling the events of Friday and what lead up to them. The agency promises more information at 2 pm Sunday.


In the meantime NBI officers intend to interview the main suspect through an interpreter. The 18-year-old Moroccan man, who had been living at a local reception centre, remains in hospital after being shot in the leg by police on Friday. On Saturday police said he refused to answer any questions.


The case is being investigated as suspected terror-related murders and attempted murders.


Authorities have been questioning four other Moroccan men who were swept up in raids late Friday and early Saturday. An international warrant has been issued for a fifth man who is wanted for questioning.

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  1. Police to interrogate suspect on Sunday

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