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FINLAND: Moroccan identified in Turku stabbing attack, now officially a terrorism investigation…….

This backs up the eyewitness account(s) of the (foreign looking) perp shouting allahu akbar, that was first dismissed by the media.

That a handfull of foreigners helped this woman out proves my point all along: “You simply can’t successfully vet any of these people, it’s entirely irrelevant if there happens to be good eggs among the highly dangerous, in just two minutes the bastard murdered two and cut up eight more attacking only women (soft targets).


Turku stabbing attacks are being investigated as acts of terrorist – suspect a Moroccan citizen

Saturday 19.8.2017 at 10:59 (updated at 11:01)

The dead are Finnish citizens, but among the injured are one Italian and two Swedish citizens.

  • Turku stabbings are being investigated as acts of terrorism.
  • Suspect is a 18-year-old Moroccan man.
  • The victims are Finnish, among the injured are one Italian and one French citizen.

Krp reports in a recent statement that the suspect in Turku is a 18-year-old Moroccan citizen. He was initially suspected of murder, but with additional information during the night criminal crimes are now considered terrorists acts the murder and attempted murder.


Two of the victims have been killed and eight were injured. The dead are Finnish citizens, but among the injured are one Italian and two Swedish citizens.The suspect was injured in detention as a result of the police’s use of force. It has already been reported that he is being treated at the Turku University Hospital in the ER.


Several authorities have participated in the investigation. The investigative responsibility was transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation yesterday, which will continue the investigation in co-operation with the Southwest Finland Police Department and the Finnish Protection Police and the Finnish Border Guard.


The Central Bureau of Investigation informs more about yesterday’s events and the progress of the investigation today at a press conference at Turku Police Station at 14.00.



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