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Archbishop of Finland: in prayer service for victims: ”The Turku stabber was one of us, he had friends and family too”……!

Unbelievable! He’s nothing but a real dope with a collar and a position.

– The perpetrator is also one of us. He also has close friends and friends. The situation also affects them.

Archbishop encourages to look forward.

Real impressive thinking. So I suppose we’re supposed to frame mafioso king pins, their hit men and bone crunchers in the same light. ”They’re just one of us”. No they are not!


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  1. My wife noted this most stupid comment from what appears to have come from a leading figure in the Lutheran Church.

    He may well be one of ‘them’; certainly he could well qualify as Dhimmi of the year.

    Surely most Finns have had enough of this ridiculous nonsense.

    1. I know for a fact that the new bishop of Helsinki is on the same page as us.

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