Hamas Islamonazis

Islamonazi dust up in Gaza: ISIS suicide bomber blows up Hamas terrorist at checkpoint……!

A terrorist twofer!

ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Hamas Terrorist Commander in Gaza

What comes around goes around.


A suicide bomber associated with the Jihadi Salafi ISIS terrorists in Gaza blew himself up along the Gaza border, killing a Hamas terrorist commander, Nidal al-Jaafari (28), who had stopped him and his partner.


Two Salafi terrorists were stopped at a Hamas checkpoint in Rafah, along the southern Gaza border on Thursday morning.


The two Salafi terrorists were on their way to Sinai to join up with the Sinai branch of ISIS and were trying to pass through the fence when the Hamas force stopped them.


The Salafi terrorist wearing the suicide belt warned the Hamas terrorists that if they wouldn’t let them pass he would blow himself up.


When Hamas couldn’t convince his fellow Islamist to not go through the fence, they shot him in the leg, and which point the terrorist self-detonated.


The Hamas terrorist commander was killed, and five other Hamas terrorists, as well as the second Salafi terrorist, were wounded in the bombing.


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