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Norway: State broadcaster gives green light to symbol of Islamic supremacy and no to the cross…….

These people are contemptible and future generations will curse them as traitors.

If Western countries were not busy in destroying themselves, being unable to defend their values, let alone believe in them, then a scarf would be of little significance.

NRK will Islamize us

NRK says no to cross, but yes to hijab on program leader. It should awaken a violent debate. But it does not, because MSM has for the longest time decided that Islam is somewhat worthy, while Christianity is not. In addition, MSM is in election campaign mode. Hijab debate does not serve the journalists favorite left-wing in politics.

The journalists also know that Norwegian parties on the left would not criticize hijab, for example, the Labor Party has a number of active members wearing this totalitarian garment, and a number of voters wear the same and must be taken care of. And the journalists know that all the key in the FRP would stand up to the evaluation that the hijab conveys. That despite the fact that it is about the media’s chain, 22-year-old Fathi Mahdi Al-Hussaini from Iraq, who will lead four electoral programs in NRK .


Cross out, hijab in

There were many (negative) reactions when a female program leader and newsreader was asked by NRK’s ​​leadership to remove a necklace with a small cross. NRK, at Program Director Grethe Gynnild Johnsen, argued how important it is that a news agency appears to be neutral.


“It’s not the case that we refuse television programmers to use religious symbols, but it depends on the circumstances. In a news broadcast, one should look the most neutral, while this does not have to be as important in an entertainment program, for example, she says.


NRK took part in the Equal Opportunities and Discrimination Board.


More here in Norwegian H/T: Fjordman

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