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Nørrebro Mosque: The West’s fault that Muslims are seeking gangs…….

The worst of the worst tearing down the very society who welcomed them in.

Marginalize this freak.

Nørrebro Mosque: The West’s fault that Muslims are seeking gangs

Predictor from the controversial mosque on Nørrebro in Copenhagen believes that critical mention of Muslims and Western culture leads young Muslims into the band environment.

It is Western culture, American film and criticism of Islam, which has created Muslim gang members in Denmark. 

This was what was said in a spectacular sermon in the Masjid Al-Faruq mosque on Nørrebro in Copenhagen last Friday, published on the Facebook
page of the mosque , Kristeligt Dagblad writes.


“Is it true that among these gangs are a lot of young Muslims? Yes, that’s true, nobody can deny that. But have they got there because they hold on to Islam or because they have chosen to embrace Western culture? “Asked Molay Jaw in the mosque, who repeatedly had been in the spotlight of the media and politicians because of repeated calls for killing of Jews and a strong attachment to the Islamic movement Hizb Ut-Tahrir.


According to Molay Jaw, there is no doubt who holds blame the involvement of young Muslims in gangs that are currently ravaging Copenhagen and shooting at random people.


“Can you talk about gang culture without talking about Western culture? What culture has created films like Scarface, Godfather and Goodfellas (…)? To reach the top is not to be reached in Jannah (paradise, red.), But to have a life in material luxury, “said Molay Jaw.

But why do Muslim Muslims get involved in the bands, Molay Jaw asked rhetorically, after which he made his bid:

“It’s very simple. When you in a society expose a particular group to negative treatment and criticize them and equip them with the same view of material happiness, you will get a breakdown. The gang war and the involvement of especially Muslims in it, is because we have marginalized and criticized Muslims in Denmark and taught them a western lifestyle that is the direct way to young people’s desire to engage in gangs. The politicians have created stressful conditions for Muslims, “Molay Jaw said, referring, among other things, to Social Democracy’s recent proposal to close Muslim schools.

More here in Danish H/T: Fjordman

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  1. Hizb ut Tahrir are outlawed in many muslim countries. They were recently outlawed in Indonesia. I hope they are outlawed in Australia too.

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