Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS NATO Sweden How Should NATO React to the Threat from Sweden……?

I’ve been mulling this over for some time now.

Back in late 2015 during the height of the Muslim settler crisis, I visited Finnish Lapland for the very first time since living here almost 30 yrs. We crossed into Norway (could have to Sweden if time allowed) without a single border guard seen, in fact the building was vacant. How easy it is for an Islamonazi to cross from Northen Sweden/Norway into Finland? Real easy if the situation hasn’t changed.

How Should NATO React to the Threat from Sweden?

Dozens of areas inside Sweden have fallen to armed Islamists and thousands of jihadis roam the country. Sweden has neither the will nor the capacity to contain this problem. The adjacent NATO-countries of Denmark and Norway are in certain danger.

By Nicolai Sennels, political analyst

Sweden is in a state of collapse. Dozens of areas are now under Islamist control, which leaves locals in the hands of violent sharia patrols. According to the Swedish police, thousands of Islamic State sympathizers are on the loose, endangering not only native Swedes, but also neighbouring countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Finland—the first two of them being NATO members.


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