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Finland: Greens political youth league: “Muslim men have the right to multiple wives”…….

A great number of women who belong to the Greens deem themselves as feminists, this ought to sit well with them.

Then again, cognitive dissonance runs deep on that side of the aisle. The Greens are one of the most anti-Israel, pro-Islam parties in Finland. Pure nutcases.

Greens: Muslims have the right to multiple wives

According to the organization, the government would no longer have to define the quality of human relations in the 21st century.

While the frenzy of the youth league’s policy continues, the most radical positions of other youth organizations emerge.

Already in the summer of 2011 the Green’s Youth league and students’ union Vino supported polygmy.

The position emerged once again when the Helsingin Sanomat listed the youth party’s platform.

The point under which “the marriage law can not count the number nor gender” is still to be found in Vin’s goals.

– In our opinion, in the 21st century, Finland does not have to leave to the government to determine exactly what kind of relationships or relationships people have. We also do not see that a marriage between a man and a woman would be one, Which should be supported in particular by the state, commented the statement of the President of the Organization Veli-Matti Partanen for IS.

According to Partase, polygamy would be allowed even in Muslim families where a man would like to marry more wives when the goal is realized.

– Of course, we must note that it is done with the consent of everyone, Partanen recalls.

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  1. The ‘consent of everyone’ would presumably include the consent of the taxpayers who will be supporting these people and their many, many children.

  2. Well said, brane pilot.

    Unfortunately the youths do not seem to understand that men and women are not on equal footing in Islam, and that polygyny (full polygamy, which would include polyandry, is not allowed in Islam) is just one aspect of the sexist doctrine that teaches women self-denigration and subservience to men. The youths seem only to see an outer form, which may appear to them as similar to permissive lifestyles; they do not know or maybe do not understand the degrading doctrine and unwholesome beliefs that form and underpin it; they do not see the psychological causes along with manifest effect.

  3. And who the hell is going to feed these bloody kids produced by fours wives and an old man whose sperm produces more freaks than normal young healthy males? The Greens need to wake up, the planet does not have finite resources, breeding girl children just for re-breeding more freaks will turn humanity back into beings less intelligent than Neanderthals & stone age man. This is a back ward step, time better spent teaching these stupid low IQ men of a better way to use the full capacity of their brains rather than their ‘d****s’ There is more to a man than his sexual potency that same potency can thrust humanity forward, right now these men behave like animals who are programmed to reproduce and then die. Notice the world is not over run with multitudes of over breeding wild life depleting the planet of resources. Where do these idiots get their ideas from?

      1. I have to agree with you Dingo 100% and have shared link on my FB page which doesn’t have any crap chat and selfies on it. Have a good weekend.

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