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Poland: Turn out the lights the party’s over EU seethes over Polish government handling Polish issues……..

Kick us out as well!

‘The farewell has already begun’ Poland is ready to leave EU at any time – lawmakers warn

POLAND could get itself KICKED OUT of the EU if the government continues to battle Brussels over judicial reform and deforestation, opposition politicians have warned.

The European Commission has asked the European Court of Justice to speed up a case against Warsaw over large-scale logging in the Bialowieza forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The forest is also home to the largest herd of European bison, unique birds and insects, and the ECJ has issued an interim order demanding Poland cease its activities.


But the Polish government, led by the eurosceptic Rule and Jutice Party (PiS), has claimed the logging is necessary to control a beetle outbreak and has ignored the ECJ ruling.


It is the latest act of defiance by PiS, having passed controversial judical reforms giving the government greater powers over the judiciary and the state-run media.

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