Fighting Back Islam in Norway Norway

Bruce Bawer: The Norwegian governments token truth-teller…….

There some Norwegians who haven’t fully gone of the deep end, even inside the Norwegian government….

There is however tremendous pressure on these truth tellers.


The Norwegian government’s token truth-teller.


In July, Listhaug argued that little girls shouldn’t be allowed to wear hijab in Norwegian schools, asserting that such garb sexualizes them and has obviously been forced on them by their parents; in reply, both Education Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (Conservative) and Labor Party education spokesman Trond Giske rejected the idea out of hand. Speaking earlier this month at an “anti-extremism” conference for Muslim youth, Listhaug boldly noted that there are plenty of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” in the Muslim community and chastized the guest of honor, the purportedly moderate Pakistani-Canadian imam Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, who has proclaimed that Islamic law should supersede Western law and who helped formulate a Pakistani law prescribing the death penalty for blasphemy. The conference organizer castigated Listhaug, saying that instead of “stretched out a hand” to Muslim youth she had “put up walls” by disrespecting “one of the leading Muslim scholars in Europe and the West, and one of those who have opposed extremism most severely and unequivocally.”

The other day she got in hot water for mentioning in a TV interview that during the election campaign, several people have told her about neighbors who came to Norway as asylum seekers but who have taken vacations in the countries they supposedly fled from. It’s no secret to anyone that this sort of scam is going on all over Europe. Listhaug suggested that any citizen who’s aware of such cases report them to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, noting that those engaging in such deception are taking up places that might otherwise be occupied by individuals who are genuinely in need of protection. Sounds reasonable enough, no? But of course all the usual suspects instantly jumped down her throat. Knut Arild Hareide, head of the Christian People’s Party and one of the most fervent defenders of irresponsible immigration policies, accused her of calling for “snitching.” Reporters echoed the charge. Labor Party politician Martin Kolberg, for his part, accused her of violating “Christian values.” (This in a country, mind you, where a long-cherished national pastime is looking up your hard-working native-born neighbor’s income and tax information – which is freely available online – and ratting on him to the authorities because you think he might be cheating.)


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