Islam in Germany Schools

Germany: Lower Saxony to set ban on full facial supremacist clothing in state schools…….

And of course the Leftists will be denouncing this as violating a civil right.

Lower Saxony set to ban Islamic face veils in schools

Lower Saxony set to ban Islamic face veils in schools

The case of a Muslim pupil refusing to remove her niqab triggered debate in Lower Saxony. Now a new law may mean that full-face Islamic veils will no longer be allowed in state schools.

The state of Lower Saxony is expected to announce a ban on face veils such as burqas and niqabs in schools in August, following a unanimous decision by the state parliament on Thursday to amend current education policies, reports the Branschweiger Zeitung.


A niqab covers the whole body except for a slit for the eyes, whereas a burqa fully covers the body including the eyes.


The state’s school board also plans on publishing regulations for the practical handling of the ban.


Some parent and and school group representatives at a state parliament meeting rejected the ban, including Birhat Kaçar, chair of Lower Saxony’s pupils’ council, who said the policy would not solve the problems that come with dealing with fully-veiled pupils. Kaçar argued that issues involving religious attire should be dealt with by the schools themselves.


The chair of Lower Saxony’s parents’ council, Mike Finke, also said such matters should be the responsibility of schools to decide.


But the Association of Lower Saxony Teachers supported the ban, with the group’s chair, Manfred Busch, arguing that schools need clarity in cases of conflict, as well as legal certainty. At the same time, Busch also noted that schools also need a certain margin of discretion to make decisions.


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