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Sweden: Over 80 percent of refugees claiming to be children proven to be adults…….

The above pic is of the Finnish PM and a so called minor asylum/refugee seeker, but you get the idea.

This is why the Swedish hard Left was against the forensic procedure being used in the first place.

Frauds from the git-go, and the hard facts will be denied by the Left, or ”Leftsplained” away.

New results of Sweden’s asylum age assessment tests released

New results of Sweden's asylum age assessment tests released

The latest results of tests on asylum seekers in Sweden subjected to a new method of medically assessing their age show that over 80 percent tested were judged to be older than 18, but not everyone has faith in their accuracy.

Sweden’s national Forensic Medicine Agency (Rättsmedicinalverket) started carrying out the tests earlier year. They are designed to make age assessment during the asylum process more accurate after the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) was criticized for failings in assessing the correct age of some refugees claiming to be underage.


To date Migrationsverket has sent 6,880 cases to be tested, and the Forensic Medicine Agency has now released the results of a total of 2,481 tests from the period between mid March until July 31st, 2017.


Eighty percent (2002) were judged to be 18 or over, while in a further 25 cases the Forensic Medicine Agency judged that the subject was “possibly 18 or over”.


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