Afghanistan Finland kidnapping

Finland-Afghanistan: Foreign Ministry demands end to circulation of video in social media of kidnapped Finnish Christian aid worker…….

That’s just simply not going to happen….

Foreign Ministry demands release of Finnish hostage after ransom video

A video has circulated on social media purporting to be that of a Finnish woman kidnapped in Kabul in May. The Foreign Ministry has asked people not to publicly share any material related to the kidnapping, saying that it could endanger her life.


A video of a woman speaking in English, asking that money be paid to her kidnappers has circulated on social media. The woman claims to be a Finnish aid worker kidnapped by militants in Kabul in May.


On 20 May a Finn was kidnapped in Kabul, in a raid that killed a German aid worker and an Afghan guard. Afghan authorities are investigating that incident, although Finnish police and armed forces have also assisted.


The Foreign Ministry has requested that no material connected to the kidnapping be disseminated – on social media or otherwise – as that could endanger the kidnapped woman and worsen her situation.

“We condemn the kidnapping, as well as all blackmail and cruelty associated with it,” said Foreign Minister Timo Soini in a statement. “We demand the immediate release of the kidnappee.”

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