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PMT: Palestinian Authority vastly increases terror payout in 2017…….

Simple solution, end the payouts to the PA….

Huge increase in PA terror funding in 2017

  • PA increases spending by 13% for salaries to terrorist prisoners and by 4% for payments to families of terrorist “Martyrs”
  • Direct terror funding expenditures by the PA now reach 1.237 billion shekels or $355 million in 2017

Below, for your convenience, are two PMW charts depicting PA terror funding in 2017

Itamar Marcus


The PA has publicized its budget for 2017, which includes how much it will be spending on salaries to terrorist prisoners and to families of terrorist “Martyrs.” Ignoring demands to stop rewarding terror by the United States, EU countries, Israel and many others, the PA in 2017 is actually increasing significantly these outlays. The PA expenditure for salaries to terrorist prisoners has risen by a huge 13%, from 488 million shekels ($135 million) in 2016 to 550 million shekels ($158 million), and the expenditure for payments to families of “Martyrs” has gone up by 4% from 660 million shekels ($183 million) to 687 million shekels ($197 million). In 2017, the PA’s total expenditure for directly funding terror is 1.237 billion shekels or $355 million.
The following are two charts graphically depicting these two aspects of the Palestinian Authority’s terror funding in 2017:

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