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Sweden: Woman swimming at lake surrounded by teens, molested and beaten, police not interested…….

This is what the progressives and the throw-ins across the aisle have bequeathed to their society.

Woman was surrounded and molested during swimming  The police are immediately closing the case

DOMESTIC. A woman was surrounded and sexually assaulted by so-called youths at a lake in Vimmerby this weekend. But the police do not intend to investigate the case, “he said. There are no resources.


It was on Saturday at Nossenbaden in Vimmerby municipality in Småland where the woman was attacked by several younger men of teenage age. The guys surrounded the woman as well as violating and beating her.


According to the woman, who is in her 40s, the youngsters swam to her and said things about her appearance, Vimmerbytidning writes.


When the guys swam around her, the woman tried to flee back to the beach, then one of the men grabbed her buttocks.


But despite the fact that the woman, who deemed the experience as severely unpleasant and reported the incident, the police did not initiate a preliminary investigation.


The police say that priority must be given to other cases and considers that it is not possible to identify the suspects who have left the site in a foreign registered car.


More here @ Fria Tider via vimmerbytidning.se

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