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UK: Jihad Jail set up for Islamonazis to curtail spreading Islam 101 to inmate population…….

I prefer them being sent to Gitmo…or a rough equivalent.

Dangerous extremists locked up in Britain’s first ‘Jihadi jail’ to stop them radicalising other inmates

Dangerous Muslim extremists have been locked up in Britain’s first “jihadi jail” to stop them brainwashing other inmates.


Nearly a dozen terrorists have been jailed in a “separation centre” at HMP Frankland in Durham and isolated from other prisoners.


The “prison within a prison” is designed to reduce extremists radicalising other inmates by giving the worst terrorists their own cells, exercise yard and visiting centre.


It will make it easier for the authorities to monitor the extremists and reduce the risk of them plotting atrocities behind bars. They will be subjected to intensive de-radicalisation programmes.


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