ISLAMIC STATE muslim tomfoolery

Islamic (nazi) State in Mosul had ingredients for dirty bomb but failed to realize it…….

All that extreme inbreeding has left its mark, they need hard core Leftists to help them out.

‘They aren’t that smart’: ISIS had the ‘perfect’ ingredient to build a huge dirty bomb under their noses in Mosul but had no idea

  • ISIS terrorists failed to discover two caches of cobalt in machines in Mosul
  • Iraqi forces found cobalt-60 machines had not been used after taking back city
  • It is used to kill cancer cells when it is contained within the heavy shielding of a radiotherapy machine
  • However, in ISIS hands, cobalt could have been used to create a ‘dirty bomb’


ISIS terrorists nearly stumbled on the main ingredient for a ‘dirty bomb’ when they overran Mosul in 2014.


Two caches of cobalt, a metallic substance with lethally high levels of radiation, was found inside two radiotherapy machines at the University of Mosul.


However Iraqi forces discovered the cobalt-60 machines had not been touched when they liberated the city this month.


A health ministry official said of the terror group: ‘They are not that smart’.

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