Israel Self Reliance Visegrad 4

The Visegard 4 embrace Israeli PM Netanyahu, form historic alliance…….

This is indeed a historic event.

Bypassing the EU, and its Jew hatred, the countries of Hungary, Poland the Czech Republic and Slovakia form an alliance with the Jewish state of Israel, in both technology and security issues, as well as in deepening cultural ties. They are sticking it to Brussels. Historic.


The Gates of Vienna has more:

Today’s Historic Moment in Budapest

An historic meeting was held in Budapest today, July 19, 2017. It was the culmination of a two-day state visit to Hungary by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the first such visit by a sitting Israeli prime minister.


The prime ministers for the Visegrad Four group of Central European nations (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic) were also present. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán currently holds the rotating presidency for that group, and he was authorized to act on behalf of the other three in his discussions and negotiations with the Israeli prime minister. The results may be seen in the two videos below.


This summit represents a sea change in relations between Israel and the European Union. The V4 countries are breaking away from customary the anti-Israel politics as usually practiced by Brussels. The V4 and Israel have interests in common. Unlike their neighbors to the west of the Iron Curtain, they have no intention of allowing mass Muslim immigration to destroy their countries, which is what has happened to Britain, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Sweden.


This is a vote of no-confidence in NATO by both Israel and the V4. The Central Europeans have learned the hard lesson that they can trust neither the EU nor NATO (e.g. see Kosovo, 1999). Mr. Orbán is looking for new security arrangements to avoid having to cut a deal with the Russians — which nobody really wants to do, except from a very strong negotiating position. Which is what the V4 will gain from an alliance with Israel: the Russians know that Israel is not a trivial power.


If President Trump is smart (and I think he is), he’ll take this as a heads-up about the coming shift in power relations between Europe and Israel.


Many thanks to CrossWare for translating the Hungarian in the first video, and to Vlad Tepesfor the subtitling and the uploading:


More here @ Gates of Vienna

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