Islamonazi State prisoners sit like sardines in Iraqi jail…….

Advice: Treat them humanely, try them, then execute them..

But that’s asking and expecting way too much from members of the pajamas and sandals brigade. This is why Israel stays incredibly vigilant in maintaining its military superiority, it’s neighbors are not Norwegians or Finns.

‘They are not human beings’: Scores of suspected ISIS fighters sit crammed inside a jail in Mosul… as Iraqi lieutenant who boasts he ‘sent one captive to Hell’ says they deserve to die 

Pictures show ISIS fighters packed inside a jail in Mosul

Pictures show men huddled together on the floor in stifling conditions in a make-shift prison to the south of the war-ravaged city, recently liberated from the terror group. The images, showing young and old suspected jihadists, emerged as an Iraqi lieutenant revealed the thirst for revenge among army ranks and insisted ISIS militants ‘are not human beings. He also revealed how he interrogated one suspect before ‘sending him to hell’ and insisted ISIS jihadists who brought terror to the country deserved to die.


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  1. As long as they are dead at the end of the day I could care less about their comfort. If some of the other muslims that stink a different odour want to drown a few in Nutella for laughs, I approve.

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