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Woman living in Sweden only 7 mos, strangled by husband for no longer wearing veil, wanted divorce…….

Just another day in the socialist multiculti paradise….

Bina, 21, was killed after seven months in Sweden

Bina stopped wearing the veil and she wanted a divorce from her husband.

He strangled her one summer morning in Mariannelund after seven months in Sweden.

She is one of six women who died in 2016 after living for a short time in Sweden, Aftonbladet reveals new scrutiny.

– This is important new information that we need to observe, says Professor Gun Heimer at the National Center for protection of women, NCK.

Bina (fictitious name) was 21 years old. She and two older sisters came to Sweden in November 2015 with their families and placed in different detention centers. Bina with husband and small daughter ended up in Mariannelund where she was killed June 26 the following year.

More here in Swedish. H/T:

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