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Finnish state media YLE spins meme of ‘undocumented migrants’ and workplace exploitation…….

Like the good little marxists that they are…

You first twist labels beyond factual meaning, then systematically demonize the host society as predators. We do not need a state supported media, end YLE (fake) news. ‘Mohamed’ can return to Iraq and fight for his country.

Undocumented: Rejected asylum seekers caught between workplace exploitation and deportation

Estimates of the number of undocumented migrants in Finland range from 2,000 to 10,000. Because these are “hidden” people, no one knows for sure. Authorities are concerned that their desire to stay below the radar makes them an easy target for workplace exploitation.


Mohammad* does odd jobs around a car repair shop and calls himself a slave. His pay is next to nothing, but he has few options. Mohammad is a so-called “recently-undocumented”, meaning that he is a rejected asylum seeker. He doesn’t want to inform the authorities about his working situation, because he fears deportation to Iraq.


He does have a chance to re-apply for asylum on new grounds or to seek a work-based residence permit. While he waits for the right opportunity, he supports himself by working off the books. He has three other workmates in the same situation.


“I will do anything, even for 300 euros a month. I have no choice. My advice to working Iraqis is that even if the pay seems unreasonably small, if you will have problems in Iraq, it’s better to just keep the job and leave the rest to God,” Mohammad said.


Mohammad is one of roughly 32,000 asylum seekers who began arriving in Finland in late 2015. Their asylum processes are winding down, many of them ending in deportations and the revocation of their temporary residence permits. Yle tried to dig beneath the surface of life beyond the protection of asylum seeker reception centres.


More here.

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