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Finland: ‘Rocket Girl’ lands job at state news broadcaster YLE to spread her anti-Israel propaganda from a larger platform …….

This is the same ‘journo’ who got upset with the Tundra Tabloids for highlighting her flirtation with honesty when she reported that Hamas was firing rockets at Israel from the vicinity of the Shifa hospital in Gaza.

I had captured her news segment when she was working for the Helsingin Sanomat and translated it which went viral on social media. The Israeli MFA still has it on their website as proof of Hamas’ use of civilians as civilian shields. Here’s a portion from an earlier post I did on her:

Aishi Zidan is the journalist reporting from Gaza for the Finnish Dispatch (Helsingin Sanomat), who let it slip that Hamas were using the Shifa hospital in Gaza City as a launching pad site for its rockets into Israel. I broke that story to the international media (hereherehere and here. Now she’s complaining about pro-Israel websites using this excellent material in proving Israeli claims, that Hamas is indeed using the civilian population as human shields. And man is she bitter.

NOTE: Though Aishi Zidan was born in Helsinki, no doubt, she still considers herself as a Palestinian ”refugee”.

Yle to send a correspondent to Jerusalem

Broadcasting intensifies next winter in the Middle East news monitoring. As a new correspondent in Jerusalem, Israel, YLE has chosen Aishi Zidan , 31. She is currently working as YLE’s foreign journalist.


The task begins 1/10/2017 and is for six months.


Jerusalem’s correspondent is part of Yle’s permanent correspondent position functioning alongside short-term correspondent system, Yle aims to react to changing situations in the news.


In the past, Yle has had a short-term correspondent in Ukraine, Lebanon, Brazil, the Baltic countries and the Baltic region. In summer 2015 one correspondent focused on immigrant and refugee monitoring of the subject.

Further information:
Liisa Karvinen, correspondents supervisor, Yle News and Current Affairs,
tel 040 7104937.


YLE  H/T Kumitonttu

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