Finland: FM Soini fishes for Finns Party supporters in negative stance on future Muslim settler asylum transfers…….

He’s not fooling me, at all….
I like the stance and support it, but it’s amazingly transparent what he’s up to. Do take note that he mentions nothing at about the need to turn these people around at sea and keep them from continuing on towards Europe.

Soini: Finland refuses to new transfers of asylum seekers in the EU

Foreign Minister Timo Soinin, Finland may not be bound asylum-seekers to new internal transfers within the EU.

The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Soini representing Blue Reform,  who says that all EU countries must first adhere to old promises.

Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland have refused to comply with the joint decision of the EU to move asylum seekers from Italy and Greece. Finland has been among the best in taking asylum-seekers in the EU.

Internal transfers may rise again in the autumn, when the EU countries discuss assistance to Italy.

Soini believes that the situation in eating the whole credibility of the EU.

– We require that the agreement be upheld. There you have it, 160 000 on the ground, for which a solution has to be found. Then, if it is found, a continuance can be considered. Before that it can not be considered, Soini said in Brussels.

“The refugee quota requires the approval of all”


Interior Minister Paula Risikko (cons.) has estimated in the past that Finland, too, can receive a request in the autumn for asylum-seekers directly from the countries of origin or Italy, which 93 000 immigrants have arrived this year from across the Mediterranean.

– The best thing about how Italy can help, is that the situation in Libya can be resolved, says Soini.

Risikko and Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (center.) have suggested that Finland could increase the refugee quota as part of the overall European settlement. However, the European Minister Sampo Terho (uv.) have rejected the idea.

Soini says that the refugee quota may be amended only by a joint decision of the Government parties.


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