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Germany: Intel chief says country must brace for more terror attacks Islam 101’ers…….

That must be considered a great platform to run on by the current disaster Chancellor of Germany, since Merkel orchestrated the whole fiasco…….

Germany must brace for more attacks by radicalised Muslims, warns intelligence chief as report finds the country is home to 24,400 Islamists

Germany is still home to 24,400 Islamists, according to a report from the country's BfV domestic intelligence agency. Hans-Georg Maassen, president of Germany's BfV domestic intelligence agency, said the country should expect more terror attacks

  • Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency released an annual report on terror
  • The report said hundreds of ‘jihadists’ had entered the country over two years
  • They were among the over one million migrants who had come into Germany
  • Security officials are keeping tabs on some 680 potential Islamist threats


Germany should brace for further attacks given growing numbers of potential Islamist militants, top security officials warned on Tuesday as they vowed to step up efforts to prosecute, convict and deport suspects.


The country is still home to 24,400 Islamists, according to a report from Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency.


Germany was hit by five Islamist attacks in 2016, including a December attack on a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people.

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