Islamic (nazi) State eats its own: Burns top jihadi alive for spreading rumors of al-Baghdadi’s demise…….

Those who torch will die by it……

Jordanian pilot murdered by ISIS:

Image result for isis pilot burned aliveBarbaric ISIS burn their top jihadi alive for ‘stirring rumours of Baghdadi’s death’

ISIS have burned one of their top militants to death for fuelling rumours that the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had died, it has been reported.

Abu Qutaida was burned alive in north western Iraq, Tal Afar, for “stirring sedition”, according to an Iraqi source.


The source told local news agencies that Qutaiba had leaked the information during a sermon amid Friday prayer.

During his religious address, the top militant is said to have implied Baghdadi had passed away.


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