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Bruce Bawer: Erna Solberg, Norway’s ‘dhimmi-in-chief’…….

These stooges are the worst of the worst…….

This past January, I wrote about Erna again – this time focusing on her latest New Year’s Eve speech, in which she praised Norway’s first female, hijab-wearing Somali bus driver. The woman is not the world’s best bus driver or anything like that. Her accomplishment, apparently, is being a female Muslim bus driver. If you’re a Muslim bus driver, all you have to do to win praise from Erna is to drive a bus without steering it onto the sidewalk and plowing down a crowd of infidels.


What won’t Erna Solberg do to suck up to Muslims?

In recent months, those of us who worry about Europe’s ongoing Islamization have been paying more attention than usual to recent elections on the continent. Geert Wilders, in the Netherlands, and Marine le Pen, in France, didn’t win, but at least they made some progress. In September, it’ll be Norway’s turn. Unfortunately, there’s not much of a choice. There are several political parties in Norway, but the likelihood is that we’ll end up with a Labor or Conservative prime minister. The Labor honcho is Jonas Gahr Støre, a globalist empty suit from Central Casting who’s perfectly happy with Islam and high-level immigration. Heading up the Conservatives option is the current Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, whose position on these issues is virtually indistinguishable from Gahr Støre’s. When it comes to Islam, she’s always been a first-class dhimmi. As my friend Peder “Fjordman” Jensen recalled the other day, Erna, back in 2011, “stated that Muslims in Europe are now harassed just like Jews were in the 1930s, during the rise of the Nazis.”


She’s even good at taqiyya: four years ago, she recounted a visit to an Oslo mosque whose members find it “difficult to be accepted in society.” What she failed to mention was that they were Ahmadi Muslims who, as I noted at the time, “are oppressed, persecuted, beaten, and even executed throughout much of the Islamic world, where they’re considered infidels.” Far from having problems being accepted by Norwegians, they’ve found in Norway a refuge from the oppression and violence they endured in their homelands at the hands of mainstream Muslims Islam. But you won’t hear that from Erna, for whom Muslims are always the victims and Norwegians the bad guys.


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  1. Muslims like fat blonde women, wonder when she last had a *** poor slob.

  2. I think you have both bad manners and a sick form of humor for being so impolite.

    1. It would be more suitable for you to be angry at her, not at us for reporting on her stupidity. Reality check here.

      1. Yes I am disappointed in Scandinavia for being so foolish with Islam. You really aught to know better. Do you not learn about the horrors of Islam in junior school during your Religious Education classes and later in history in Senior school. I learned a great deal when I was school, and if a somewhat large lady encourages this scum into your country one wonders what her hidden agenda is? Have you not read about middle aged Scandinavian women taking these backward and vicious Muslim boys/men into their homes. I am thick skinned but then I have to be since there are so many idiot liberal politically correct people around today. Get read we don’t live in Utopia more it is dystopia. Europe & Scandinavia need to grow up. And think on this what was the real intention behind the ‘Barcelona Agreement’? Check it out on Wikipedia or watch a lecture by Mr. Michael Black a naturalized British ex muslim you could learn a great deal. The revival of the Roman Empire/Third Reich cannot be done. The Roman Empire preceded ISLAM!

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