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Netherlands: Juvenile detainees pose with jihad flag…….

Looks like things are slack in the Dutch prison system

Youngsters in Dutch Jail show Jihad flag

On the internet pictures appear of youngsters in the Dutch youth jail De Hunnerberg in Nijmegen. They are holding drugs and the flags of Islamic terror-organizations. The Ministry of Security and Justice has confirmed that the pictures have been made in that jail. It is claimed that they are three years old. Conversations on the subject have taken place with those detained.


Photos of inmates with jihad flags and drugs have the juvenile’s Hunnerberg embarrassed. Omroep Gelderland found on the internet snaps when the youngsters proudly posing with drugs and the flag using various Islamist terrorist organizations.
The Ministry of Security and Justice has confirmed that the photos were made in the Nijmegen judicial institution. They were three years old. According to the ministry, the detainees earlier this week addressed the photos.


Video in Dutch language.

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