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Tim Burton’s ridiculous conviction on ”religiously aggravated harassment” needs to be repealed……

But the judicial system can still jail him while he waits for the verdict!


In the wake of the 2 UK jihad attacks that left over 20 dead in Manchester and 7 dead in London, there have been 25 arrests in London over the past weekend. It sounds good until you hear that the arrests are for hate crime offenses:

Each of these arrests is likely to lead to a show trial – a term that echoes back to Stalin’s show trials of dissidents, which showed the public the deadly danger of stepping out of line.

In Canada, for instance, nine years ago Ezra Levant called the leader of an anti-Semitic group, an anti-Semite. This led to charges, a trial, a conviction. The Supreme Court has just refused to hear Ezra’s appeal. The consequence: he has to pay $80,000 to the former leader of the anti-Semitic group, plus he has to foot massive legal fees. Quite a lesson to all of us to be very very careful.

We need different outcomes that teach different lessons.

In the meantime, there are more officers on the streets of London. Why? To deal with anything that could make Islamics feel unsafe. The Islamic mayor of London is committed to eradicating what is designated as hate crime. As for surveillance of the 400 Islamics in London who are on the terror watch list, he says he has to prioritize and use resources in a sensible savvy way. As for jihad terrorism, he’s on record saying that terror attacks are part of urban life:

And now, news about the show trial of Tim Burton, a British man with a sense of humor.


Tim has been convicted, has served his prison time, and is set to appeal the conviction.

Why appeal? If Tim Burton’s conviction is allowed to stand, it sets a dangerous precedent against freedom of speech.

If you can donate, please do:

What was the alleged offense? “Religiously aggravated harassment.”

Why? He put in a job application for the position of case worker at Tell Mama, an organization well-funded to hunt out instances of Islamophobia, even though Tell Mama has been convicted of faking such instances and hugely magnifying the numbers. At the bottom of his job application – the major part of the alleged crime – Tim noted that likely Tell Mama would not actually be interested in hiring him, as those who knew him considered him honest and trustworthy, and as such he would probably not fit in with a bunch of mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists like the people at Tell Mama.

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