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Mayor of London wants boycott Trump state visit, but happy to pal with Islamonazis on ‘al-Quds Day’…….

My buddy Kay Wilson: ”Muslim mayor wants to keep off London’ streets but happy for a march supporting terror”.

It’s a pity the mayor isn’t quite so fussy over some of the other company he keeps. In the past he’s shared a platform with Islamist rabble-rousers who would do us harm and campaigned against the deportation to America of a man who subsequently pleaded guilty to raising money for terrorists.
If he really wanted to keep undesirables off the streets of London, he might think twice about allowing the Al-Quds Day march through London to go ahead on June 18.

At least Trump would stop a Hamas hate mob marching the streets: As Sadiq Khan threatens to boycott his state visit, RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says it’s a pity the London Mayor isn’t so fussy over the company he keeps


Donald Trump can be gauche, boorish, thin-skinned, bombastic and simplistic. His late-night forays into the Twittersphere are frequently childish and deliberately provocative, unworthy of a man who is nominally leader of the Free World.


But what especially infuriates his many sworn enemies and high-minded critics is that most of the time he’s absolutely right.


In the wake of Saturday’s terror attack at London Bridge, Trump tweeted: ‘At least seven dead and 48 wounded . . . and Mayor of London says there’s no reason to be alarmed.’ Cue bien-pensant outrage and a hissy fit from the mayor himself, Sadiq Khan, demanding that Trump’s proposed state visit to Britain should be cancelled, on the grounds that the President had insulted all Londoners.


No he hadn’t. He’d insulted Sadiq Khan, which is not the same thing at all. Those of you who read my column on Monday will be aware that I said almost exactly the same thing about Khan. Perhaps the mayor will retaliate by banning me from paying another state visit to Smith & Wollensky, the magnificent American steakhouse off the Strand.


For anyone who missed it, I monstered Khan for claiming that: ‘London is the safest city in the world, even while the body count was rising. With complacency like that, what chance have we got?’


Trump wasn’t insulting London, he was quite rightly criticising the typical knee-jerk ‘nothing to see here’ reaction of politicians unwilling to confront the clear and present danger we face from the nihilistic Islamist death cult in our midst.

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