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London Bridge terrorist jihadi told woman before slitting her throat: “This is for Allah, stop living this life”…….

Islam 101 treatment of the non-Muslim

‘This is for Allah, stop living this life’: What London terror knifemen screamed as they slit the throat of Australian woman, 31, after storming a packed restaurant during rampage that killed eight

An Australian woman and her partner who survived the London terror attack (bottom right) have described the moment three jihadi terrorists stormed the restaurant they worked at, slashing her throat.


Candice Hedge (left and right), from Brisbane, was working at Borough Market restaurant Elliot’s with her boyfriend Luke (right) when the three men began brutally stabbing people.


‘They were saying, “This is for our family, this is for Allah. Stop living this life,’ Luke recalled. The 31-year-old woman told Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program she looked her attacker in the eye before she was stabbed.


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