Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Islam in the Netherlands Islamic anti-Semitism

The Hague: Muslim city councilman calls visiting Israeli school kids ”future child murderers”……..

He’s projecting, that would be Islamonazis who turn kids into murderers……

The Hague City Council member calls visiting Israeli schoolchildren “Future child-murderers”

A visit by a group of Israeli schoolchildren to the Dutch parliament invited by the SGP (Christian Conservatives) was the cause for a The Hague City Council member, Abdoe Khoulani of the Islamic Unity Party, to dish out some antisemitic slurs on Facebook:

“They are Zionist terrorists in the making and they are allowed to visit our parliament on an invitation of the SGP. These are the child-murderers and occupiers of the future.”

Khoulani has since removed the original post (screenshot), but has now nevertheless doubled down in a new post (screenshot) claiming that Israeli education indoctrinates Israeli children who will “indeed become child-murderers of the future (…).


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