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Geert Wilders under investigation again for calling Islam an “ideology of war and hatred”……

The fact is, Islam is a very hateful political doctrine of military conquest….

The Dutch state (and other EU member states as well) is behaving in a very USSR kind of way, in prosecuting factual speech because it offends their ears. They simply do no want you believing your ‘lying eyes’ where Islam and every other sacred holy cow is concerned.

Geert Wilders under Public Prosecutor investigation again, for calling Islam an “ideology of war and hatred”

During a visit to Vienna two years ago, Geert Wilders called Islam an “ideology of war and hatred.” The leader of the PVV, the Netherlands’ second largest party, also said that “Islam calls on people to become terrorists, the Quran leaves no doubt about that.” Subsequently, a Muslim organisation from Vienna pressed charges against him, leading to the Austrian Public Prosecutor starting a judicial investigation.


According to the Prosecutor’s Office media spokeswoman Nina Bussek, a decision has been made earlier this year, to transfer the case to the Netherlands:”We have decided not to prosecute him here, but to transfer the case to colleagues in the Netherlands out of practical considerations.” The Dutch Public Prosecution Service has confirmed this to newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. Spokesman Vincent Veenman:”We have received a request for legal aid and are in the process of examining it.


Wilders is charged with Verhetzung (incitement) in Austria, for which a number of politicians have already been convicted. In 2015, the German foreman of Pegida was convicted to a four-month conditional sentence for saying that “every Muslim is a potential terrorist.”


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