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Dramatic pics of Islamonazi jihadis cut down in a hail of bullets…….

In a world free of Islam, this heinous, but halal act of jihad, would simply never have happened……

‘I saw three jihadis shot dead – bang, bang, bang’: Dramatic pictures taken by eyewitness who was just yards away capture moment eight police cut down terrorists in a hail of 50 bullets

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: This is the dramatic moment the deadly London Bridge suicide squad was cut down in a hail of police gunfire. Eight officers fired 50 bullets in a matter of seconds when they swooped on the men in an eerily deserted Borough Market.


Gabriele Sciotto, 25, stood just yards away as the terrorists collapsed with fatal injuries. As the shots rang out he captured these startling images, obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail, on his iPhone.


Alerted by the sound of screaming, the Italian documentary maker walked out of a pub where he had been watching the Champions League final.


But he realised he had taken a wrong turn when he saw the killer trio walking towards him wearing what appeared to be gas canisters around their waists.


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