Sweden: Three out of four Muslim settlers medically checked for age older than 18 y/o……..

Like we’ve been saying for a very long time, these people are nothing than Muslim settler, asylum/refugee seeking frauds.

The the Swedish hard Left (from the SDP and others) politicians were dead set against it. Now we know why. Also, the age for adults should be 18 yrs, by the looks of it they’re pushing the age for adult to 19.

First results of Sweden’s asylum age assessment tests

Three in four of those asylum seekers subjected to a new method of medically assessing their age by examining their teeth and knee joints have so far been found to be older than 18.

The national forensic medicine agency (Rättsmedicinalverket) began to carry out the tests earlier this year.


They are designed to make age assessment during the asylum process more accurate, after the migration authority was criticized for failings in assessing the correct age of some refugees claiming to be underage.


More here.

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