Afghanistan: Massive truck bomb attack murders 80, scores wounded…….


Massive Kabul truck bomb kills 80, wounds hundreds

Bodies littered the scene and a huge cloud of smoke rose from the highly-fortified area which houses foreign embassies, after the rush-hour attack tore a massive crater in the ground just days into the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.


No group has so far claimed the powerful blast, which a Western diplomatic source said was caused by 1,500 kilogrammes of explosives packed inside a water tanker.

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  1. Kathy Griffin did all the right things for all the wrong reasons. Some good will come of this.

    Look at how fast the LIB media is throwing her under the bus. This is the same LIB media that incited her to send the message.

    Note that Kathy’s apology was totally ignored. She was FIRED (Trump:”YOU’RE FIRED!) from her biggest gig on New Year’s Eve on CNN. This is the same CNN that telecasts a daily theme of “Trump sucks! Let me count the ways”.

    I accept Kathy Griffin’s apology. Why can’t CNN? Why can’t Anderson Cooper? Why can’t the rest of the media?

    Could it be that THEY do not want to apologize? Could it be that they know darn well that Kathy Griffin’s message is TOTALLY CONSISTENT with theirs?

    We know the answer to these questions. Kathy Griffin was just the messenger. The one’s who sent the message and continually send this message will continue with impunity. They will not apologize like Kathy Griffin. You can see that already.

    So I accept Kathy Griffin’s apology. AND… I’m waiting for an apology from CNN, NBC, FOX (Yes FOX!), CBS, ABC and all the other creepy leftwing news outlets who incited Kathy Griffin to display her visual message. We all know THEY endorse that message. Too bad they don’t have the courage to offer a similar apology.


    TINSC (aka There is NO Santa Claus)

    1. Eh……her apology was contrived, fake and unconvincing. It was all a publicity stunt to get her more attention. She got it.

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